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Guide: How to stand for Election - Information for Candidates

Part 9

The Basics

Car Parking

Car parking at County Hall is restricted but spaces are available for members. The cobbled area in front of Bellair is reserved primarily for members. Members use of that area will take priority over other users.

  • More spaces for members will be reserved behind Bellair on days when the full County Council meets.
  • If both reserved areas are full, spaces may be found elsewhere on the campus.

Members should be aware that as part of a Green Travel Plan, there are car parking charges at County Hall. The charges vary depending upon your level of allowance, but for most members it is the lowest banded charge. The same charges apply to Members as they do to staff. Whilst members are able to reclaim the majority of their expenses, this is one charge that Members are not allowed to reclaim.

The Council promotes and encourages both Members and Staff to use green travel alternatives.


Entrance to County Hall is with a smart card which you will get upon your election. This also enables you to access the County Hall buildings.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the County Hall campus or in any County Council property or buildings.