1. How many whistleblowing disclosures have you received over the last two years? 6 2. Can you provide a breakdown of the whistleblowing concerns received over the last two years? We consider this information is exempt under Section 40(2) of … Continue reading

Provision of RIPA training

1. When did any council employees last receive any training under RIPA (Regulatory of Investigatory Powers Act) or RIPSA (Regulatory of Investigatory Powers Scotland Act)? 29th July 2022 2. What training was undertaken? Internal training for Trading Standards staff, Authorising … Continue reading

Funding of Immigration Legal Advice

Does the local authority fund any immigration or asylum legal advice? No If yes, please state: What is the scope of the funding? Which department funds the advice? What is the source of the funds provided by the local authority? … Continue reading

School Non-Attendance Penalty Notices

How many fines/Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued by Devon County Council, for non-attendance of children at school in the most recent academic year (2021-22)? 784 fines issued (as of 16/08/2022). What is the total monetary value of those fines? … Continue reading

Advance Payment Code Notices

In the last 5 years: How many Advance Payment Code (Section 129 Highways Act 1980) notices have you issued across Devon? How many have you issued in the South Hams District Council area? How many have been paid or bonded … Continue reading

Council Property Damage

Please provide all data broken down by year from 2017 to 2022 1. How many vehicles collided with property owned by your local authority – such as buildings, railings, lampposts, street furniture etc? 2. How much money did your local … Continue reading


1. How many potholes were identified in the years 2019/20, 2020/21, and 2021/22? Please refer to this previous FOI request 2. How many potholes were repaired in the years 2019/20, 2020/21, and 2021/22? Please refer to the table in answer … Continue reading


How many potholes were reported to Devon County Council (DCC) by motorists in 2020, 2021 and 2022 (to date)? Please provide a breakdown of the reported potholes by district or other readily available local subdivision The table below shows all … Continue reading

School Compensation Claims

The questions below relate to compensation claims paid in 2021/22, irrespective of when the actual injury incident took place or when the claim was lodged. No details of costs and payments to solicitors are requested. 1.In the last financial year … Continue reading