Elective Home Education

1.Do you ask all parents entering elective home education (EHE) to provide curriculum information/educational plans? Yes 2. Do you take further action if parents entering EHE do not supply curriculum information/educational plans? Yes 3. Do you ask EHE parents to … Continue reading

Relationship and Sex Education Services

1. Please confirm or deny if the Local Authority (LA) provides the following services in secondary schools (for 14-16 years olds) to meet the needs of young people. If the LA does provide the service please confirm which types of … Continue reading

Pupil Attendance and Living Area

Please provide the following data for each school in the Devon County Council area: 1 (a) the number of primary pupils living in the each Primary School designated area and the schools they attend (b) the number of primary pupils … Continue reading

School Budgets

Please provide the following information: 1. The number of places commissioned at non-maintained special schools (NMSS) by Devon County Council (DCC) per academic year (AY). 2. The number of places commissioned at independent special schools by DCC per AY. 3. … Continue reading

Cranbrook Expansion Zones

1. Are the Cranbrook expansion zones projections included with the current primary school forecasts for the Cranbrook area schools? School forecasts do not factor in the impact of house building. 2. Please provide copies of all correspondence and meeting minutes, … Continue reading

Special Needs Schools

Each point requests data for special needs schools from the start of 2016/17 academic year: 1. How many local authority, commissioned places for each academic year? Information we hold in relation to this question can be found on this spreadsheet … Continue reading

Placement of SEND student

Please could you confirm how much a place for an autistic child at the following special schools would cost – Glendinning Academy, Newton Abbot. £20,788 per place per annum Magdalen Court School, Exeter. £26,000 per place per annum We should … Continue reading

EHCPs and SEN transport – 2020-2021

1) As of 31/12/2020, how many young people had Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)? 7,490 2) As of 31/12/2021, how many young people had Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)? 8,123 3) As of 31/12/2021, how many young people … Continue reading

Educational IT Equipment

1.For the 2019/20 academic year how many pupils were funded to attend local a. Primary Schools (years 1-6) b. Secondary Schools (years 7-11) Please refer to this public spreadsheet The totals can be found at the bottom of the file … Continue reading