Education Health and Care Plan Appeals

Please can all of the following questions be broken down by academic year from 2014/15 to today Devon County Council does not hold the information below, prior to 2018/2019 on a centralised records system. In order to collate that information, … Continue reading

Education service provision

Request 1: Information in relation to the SEN population and the number of registered LA maintained schools   Please see the table below:     Total # SEN LAC children placed with LA Maintained Schools SEN children placed with Independent … Continue reading

Virtual School Tutoring Support

On the National Tutoring Programme website it stipulates that where a pupil is not on roll with a school, Virtual Schools can raise requests for tuition with Tutoring Partners through the Tuition Hub in the same manner as a school. Has … Continue reading

Teaching assistant apprentices

1. Provide the number of teaching assistant apprentices advertised for/employed across local authority schools in 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21 2. Provide the rate of pay per hour for teaching assistant apprentices in 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21 Please provide this information broken down … Continue reading

School breakfast provision

I would be very grateful if you could answer the following questions: Do you fund school breakfast provision in your council area? If so, please could you name the schools you provide funding to? If yes, what does this funding … Continue reading

SEND and Ethnic background school absences

I request combined data on SEND and Ethnic background school absences from Autumn Term 2018 to Present Day. I would like combined data on this. E.g. the percentage of absences for SEND pupils from different ethnic backgrounds.  Does your local authority have … Continue reading

Ethnic Minority SEN Students

What is the percentage of ethnic minorities (Arabs, Asian, Black, Mixed Heritage, Roma, Gypsies and travellers) that are in Special Education compared to White students?  The pupil cohort in Devon special schools can be found on this Devon County Council … Continue reading

Early Years Funding

Local Authority funding for free entitlement for two, three and four-year-olds Financial year 2020/21 1. Did you have any underspend or overspend in the early years block in 2020/21?  There was an underspend in the Early Years Block for 2020/21. 2. … Continue reading

Social Care and Education Transport

Provide information on the following category of service (a category of service would be classed as an area of business within the Council, for example Transport or Social Care): 1) Does the Local Authority currently operate any form of supplier … Continue reading

Social Care and Education Tribunals

Please send me for the years 2014-2021 the following information: * Total Number of tribunals logged * Number of tribunals logged including a Health element * Number of tribunals logged including a social Care element * Number of tribunals cases … Continue reading