Sexual harassment against social workers

Please note that there are three parts to this request: 1. Can you confirm how many reports of third-party sexual harassment your local authority has received from social workers directly employed by your local authority between 31 October 2013 and … Continue reading

Alcohol treatment services – 2018-2021

1) Can the Local Authority’s Director of Public Health provide an estimate for the number of referrals made to alcohol treatment services in your local authority area for the following financial years? a) 2018/19 381 b) 2019/20 333 c) 2020/21 … Continue reading

Paying for care numbers and assessments – 2020

1. In 2020, how many people contacted you for information on how to pay for care? From our preliminary assessment, we estimate that compliance with this request would exceed the appropriate costs limit under section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which is £450 or 18 … Continue reading

Section 117 policy

1. Does Devon County Council (DCC) have a joint S117 policy in place? If yes, can we have a copy? Please see this Devon County Council webpage for the S117 Policy. 2. Does this have a funding tool attached? And … Continue reading

Adult Social Care Charges

1. A copy of your most recent compliance with the public sector equality duty, regarding the impact of charging adults in need for the non-residential care and support they receive under the Care Act 2014, in accordance with s.149 Equality … Continue reading

Social Care and Education Transport

Provide information on the following category of service (a category of service would be classed as an area of business within the Council, for example Transport or Social Care): 1) Does the Local Authority currently operate any form of supplier … Continue reading

Respite and Break charges for adult social care

* Have you introduced/increased charges for respite/breaks for care users for the financial years; 2018/19, 2019/20 or 2020/21 (please provide information for each year respectively)?  Yes, we have introduced charges as respite is a chargeable Adult Social Care service.  Following … Continue reading

Occupational Therapy Services

Is your Occupational Therapy service currently provided in house or outsourced? In house. If your Occupational Therapy service is outsourced who is the current provider? Not applicable. When is the next tender date for your Occupational Therapy service? Not applicable. … Continue reading

Social worker allocation

1) How many children (up to age of 18) have been allocated to a social worker for assessment, review, or any other intervention so far in 2021?  7,224 children have been open to a social worker between 01/01/21 & 31/10/21. … Continue reading