Woodland Vale Care home

I am requesting information for Woodland Vale, Great Torrington care home. For years 2018/19, 2019/20, 2020/21: Q1. Average number of beds occupied per week 2018/19 – 18 2019/20 – 17 2020/21 – 18 Q2. Unit cost of operating per bed … Continue reading

Adult Social Care figures

1. How much has the council spent on Adult Social Care (‘ASC’) as a whole? 2. How much of the total ASC budget has been paid out as direct payments? What is the total number of hours that are being … Continue reading

Adult Care Template Forms

Template forms for social care services, namely: 1. AMHP Referral Form 2. AMHP Assessment Form 3. Adult Social Care assessment form 4. Adult Social Care care & support plan form 5. Reablement Assessment Form

Private Care Homes

1. List any privately owned (non NHS) care homes that are known to have incurred expenditure on their property or increased physical floor space since January 2020. Devon County Council do not hold this information. 2. List any privately owned … Continue reading

Occupational Therapy Services and Assessments

1. How many full time equivalent, occupational therapists (OT) are employed or engaged by Devon County Council (DCC) to carry out assessments under the Care Act or strength-based assessments? 48.84 2. How many full time equivalent, occupational therapy assistants (OTA), … Continue reading

Sexual Abuse Against Disabled Adults

I write to request, under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, the number of reports of sexual abuse against disabled adults received by this authority between the financial years 2017-2022. I would like the information to be broken … Continue reading

Devon Carers

Please can you advise of the annual financial grant/ funding that Devon County Council provides to Devon Carers Services, to deliver Carer services in the Devon area. 21/22 total spend was £2.943M. 22/23 planned spend is £3.464M. The increase predominantly … Continue reading

Community Equipment Providers

This request relates to adults only. 1. Who provides your community equipment service? Millbrook Healthcare Ltd. 2. Are riser recliner armchairs available through your community equipment stores? Yes. a. If yes, what is the eligibility criteria? Individual assessment by an … Continue reading

Senior Finance Officers

Please can you provide the name, direct telephone number and email address for the following senior management positions responsible for Social Care Finance and Commissioning Services: 1. Head of Finance for Children’s Services: This would be the individual responsible for … Continue reading