How can I access information held by the Council?

The Council already has a policy of making general information available on request. This policy will continue. The Freedom of Information Act provides additional methods by which you can obtain information from the Council. These are:

A. The Publication Scheme

Under the Act, The Council is required to produce and maintain a Publication Scheme. This scheme is a database which lists the publications, documents and information that the Council makes publicly available. It sets out:

  • what information the Council publishes
  • how and when it publishes information.

Each entry describes how the information is available. You access this scheme through the Council’s on-line Publication Scheme. If you are unable to access the Publication Scheme electronically, there is a paper version available. For a copy of this, please contact the Freedom of Information Office at the address below.

B. Individual Access Request

If the information you want is not available through the Publication Scheme, you may submit a Freedom of Information request to the Council to obtain it subject to some exemptions.

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