Waste and recycling plans for the climate emergency

I am doing research and collecting data on recycling in the United Kingdom over the last 10 years and hope you can send me information graphs and charts that show the progress made?

See a link to the Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee reports from October 2020 which detail at agenda item 6 the draft Resource and Waste Management Strategy for Devon and Torbay which indicates our current position and future plans. And at agenda item 8 the latest available statistics.  (Public Pack)Agenda Document for Devon Authorities Strategic Waste Committee, 15/10/2020 14:15

What plans are being undertaken to address the climate emergency?

Devon County Council is working towards all of it’s activities becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and has outlined how it will achieve this in its Carbon Reduction Plan. Devon County Council also provides the secretariat for the Devon Climate Emergency partnership – 25 organisations including councils, emergency services, businesses and voluntary organisations which together are responding to the climate emergency. To date they have held a Devon Climate Assembly and consulted on an Interim Devon Carbon Plan.

What is working well?

Both plans to decarbonise Devon County Council’s organisational emissions and the wider Devon Carbon Plan have been well received. A number of actions in the Council’s Carbon Reduction Plan and the Devon Carbon Plan are being progressed and news on projects is being shared on the Devon Climate Emergency website.

What future plans do you hope to initiate to increase recycling?

The Economy and Resources section of the Devon Carbon Plan outlines actions to increase recycling, particularly under the Goal “Enhance materials captured for recycling and reduce emissions from waste treatment”. The Committee reports at Q1 also answer this question in terms of the DCC’s proposals as a Waste Disposal Authority.

Are there any grants for schools and community projects?

Devon County Council has recently teamed up with Crowdfunder to run a “BacktheFuture” campaign to support projects who are tackling the climate emergency. In the first phase 3 projects were awarded a total of £10,000 of funding. Two of these supported community groups helping to reduce waste and tackle climate change, with the third supporting cycling. The second phase will distribute further funds to up to 10 community groups.

What schemes do you encourage or endorse to lower our carbon footprint, reduce landfill and develop sustainability?

All kerbside collected waste from Devon households goes to Energy recovery facilities not landfill. The draft Resource and Waste Management Strategy for Devon and Torbay linked at Q1 above details how the Devon local authorities and Torbay will continue to reduce the carbon impact of dealing with domestic waste and continue to develop sustainable waste management in Devon over the next 10 years

Do you operate a scrape store scheme?

No, these are operated independently in Devon