Vehicle supply

I would like the following information:
For the most recent 12 month period (please indicate dates) company names and where possible levels of monies spent (on each supplier) for the provision of logistics/transport/fleet services rendered to the council. Where there may be a large amount of suppliers I request that just the top 30 categorised by spend (high to low) be provided.
To aid your search this may include for example (but not limited to):
• Vehicles supply (e.g. manufacturer)

Please see the table available via the link below:

• Fuel supply, including LPG, Bio Diesel, adBlue etc.

Fuel Card Services Ltd £527,765.44

• Vehicle livery

Various Companies £4,030.00

• Insurance


• Tyre supply

North Devon Tyres £26,349.45

• Vehicle tracking

£0 – we do not have any vehicle tracking

• Vehicle technology

£0 – we expect the vehicle supplier to do this

• Repairs and body shops

Various Companies £57,009.28

• Vehicle recovery, breakdown service
• Heavy and light plant maintenance
• Servicing
• Tail lift repairs and maintenance
• Oils and lubricants
• Inspections

For the above 6 categories Devon County Council can only provide a total spend as this will cover 370 vehicles; a review of each vehicle’s service record would take at least 15 minutes per vehicle and would therefore take approximately a total in excess of 92 hours. This information is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The total for these categories is £584.429.61

• Contracted transport services (excluding taxi services)

Please see the above table which shows the top 30 companies contracted by Devon County Council for all passenger transport commissioned by the authority. These figures are for the financial year 2017/18 and exclude companies where their primary focus is taxi services. However, some of the companies listed also operate some licensed taxi services and this will be included in the figures.

• Tachograph

£0 – we do not use vehicles that require tachographs

• Safety training

Driver and escort training £12,000

• Software providers

£0 – software used is an inhouse system