Vehicle fleet – numbers and type

Q1. What is the total number of all forms of vehicular transport operated by the council in order for it to carry out its work on a daily basis, including owned, leased, hired or shared with other organisations?

Type Number of vehicles
Cars 80
LCV (under 3.5tonnes) 128
MCV (3.5-7.5tonnes) 0
HGV (7.5tonnes+) 49
Minibuses (9-17seats) 64
Buses and coaches (17+seats) 0
Other (e-bikes, scooters, mopeds) 0

Q2. Based on the answers provided in Q1, how many vehicles are in each category:

Type Petrol Diesel Plug-in hybrid Pure electric Other propulsion (e.g. LPG or hydrogen)
Cars 12 54 4
LCV (under 3.5tonnes) 126 2
MCV (3.5-7.5tonnes)
HGV 49
Minibuses (9-17seats) 64
Buses and coaches
Other (e-bikes, scooters, mopeds etc.)

Q3. For the vehicles that are electric, what is the predominant charging method? (please tick):

Type In-house Employees’ homes Public charging point N/A
LCV (under 3.5tonnes)  √
MCV (3.5-7.5tonnes)
Minibuses (9-17seats)
Buses and coaches
Other (e-bikes, scooters, mopeds etc.)

Q4. Assuming you have a net-zero transition strategy in place, as per guidance set out by government, please indicate at what stage within the vehicle transition process you are (tick the relevant boxes):

No strategy planned
Planned but not started
Business case and plan developed
Business case planned, developed and approved/signed off by cabinet or other authorising body
As above, with budgets approved and assigned  √
Implementation of plan due to start
Implementation of plan in progress  √
Implementation plan executed
Strategy/implementation plan abandoned

Q5. Has the strategy referred to in Q4 been developed:

Entirely in-house
With support of external consultancy and advice  √
Entirely outsourced planning and implementation

Q6. Based on the answers provided in Q2, what is the planned timeline within the strategy to transition groups of vehicles?

Already transitioned 2021-2025 2026-2030 2031-2035 2036-2040 After 2040
Cars  √  √
LCV (under 3.5tonnes)  √  √
MCV (3.5-7.5tonnes) N/A
HGV (7.5tonnes+)    √
Minibuses (9-17seats)    √  √
Buses and coaches (17+seats) N/A
Other (e-bikes, scooters, mopeds) N/A