Tree canopies removed and planted due to E4 Cycle Route, Exeter

Please provide all details of the size, location, species and tree canopy area (or CAVAT value/carbon footprint) of trees removed and planted to date as as part of the Exeter E4 cycle route.

This Devon County Council webpage includes a tree survey and the associated plans. This provides details on size, location, species, canopy area etc.

Section 7 – Bettysmead, 3 new trees, none removed

B23006AT-007-LAND-D-001 Rev P01 Planting Plan

Section 8 – Summer Lane Cycle Bridge, 9 new trees, 4 removed

B23006BC-LAND-D-002 Rev P03 Planting Plan

Section 9 – Exhibition Fields, 27 new trees, 13 removed (a number of these trees were identified for removal in the tree survey by Hi-line and ECC and removal was not required for the benefit of the cycle route)

B23006AT-009-LAND-D-001 Rev P01 Planting Plan 1 of 3

B23006AT-009-LAND-D-002 Rev P01 Planting Plan 2 of 3

B23006AT-009-LAND-D-003 Rev P01 Planting Plan 3 of 3

Section 10 – Exhibition Way 2 new trees, 2 removed

B23006AT-010-3003 Rev C01

All new trees have now been planted. The 3 trees planted in Section 7 were moved to Section 9 because vandals snapped those 3 trees.