Travellers at Drum Bridges, Liverton


Travellers at Drum Bridges, Liverton

The site used to store chippings at Drum Bridges is yet again being occupied by travellers. This is, I believe, the third time this has happened in recent years.

My request is to understand the cost, on each occasion, for the provision of portable toilets, the subsequent clearing of their refuse when they do finally leave and repair and re-securing of the site. What plans are in place, if any, to prevent this happening again.


The portaloo costs were
£25.00 per week
15 weeks for 2015 375
32 weeks for 2016 800
6 weeks for 2017 150
Total £1325.00

There were no clear up or repair costs.

Securing of the site required two heavy duty padlocks @£60 per time £120.00

The chipping landing at Drumbridges is used to allow the store of materials for resurfacing works on local roads. Access is therefore required for contractors to deliver and collect these materials, and this makes it difficult to secure the site beyond the use of a heavy duty padlock and chain. Experience at other sites has indicated that blocking the entrance with large rocks or similar barriers would be effective in preventing illegal access, but would prevent contractors from accessing the site.