Translation and Interpretation Services

1. What is the breakdown/number of all translation and interpretation services per language including spend per annum for your organisation (for the last 3 financial years).

We do not keep a record of translation/interpreting bookings per language and we therefore do not hold the information you are seeking.

With reference to the request for the spending, we do not hold this information as there is no specific finance code for language interpreting/translations.

2. Do you currently offer a translation and/or interpreting service (inhouse)? If not, who is your current supplier for language services?

We have a contract with Sign Solutions for BSL.
Language Line and Multilingua are main suppliers for foreign language.

3. If you do offer an inhouse service, do you offer:

– face to face interpreting services (including BSL)
– telephone interpreting services
– written translation services

Please refer to our response to question 2 above.

4. Do you use in-house casual interpreters/translations to deliver the service?


5. Do you use in-house permanent/fixed term interpreters/translators to deliver the service?


6. Do you use language providers to deliver the service?

Please refer to our response to question 2 above.