Traffic Calming Measures

What is the amount spent on Traffic Calming Measures annually over the last 10 years by the Devon County Council (DCC)? Please provide this information in a summarised format by year and by village for the last 10 years.

Exemption – From our preliminary assessment, DCC believes this request is manifestly unreasonable under Regulation 12 (4) of the Environmental Information Regulations.

Reason – DCC have work orders for all works undertaken, but we would not record as “traffic calming” etc. In order to extract the information requested, a manual search of all the records would be required. This would place an unreasonable burden on our resources.

Public interest test – Whilst DCC believe in the value of openness and transparency, we do not believe it is in the publics best interests to divert our staff resources from their core functions for the prolonged period of time it would take to answer this request.

How much was included for Traffic Calming Measures in each of the last 10 years?

DCC do not hold this information, this is because traffic calming measures are funded from a number of sources, as such there in no single budget.