Telecare and Community Equipment Contracts and Services

As an Independent Standards Body, I would like to request the following information in relation to all Telecare and Community Equipment Services, held by you. 1 Details of all current contracts you have, including the name, address and contact details of the service provider;

Millbrook Healthcare

2 The renewal date of the contract;

01/06/2022 with the option to extend for up to a further 2 years

3 Start date of the contract;


4 Value of the contract;

The budget set for the contract that includes community equipment and telecare for 2017/18 is £6,822,000. Please note this contract value also includes minor adaptation services and some speech and language communication aids.

5 Spend on telecare for previous financial year 2016-‐17;

Actual Spend for Assistive technology and telecare services is £356,494

6 Spend on community equipment for previous financial year 2016-‐17;

Actual spend for adults and children’s community equipment is £5,490,000

7 Number of citizens receiving a telecare service funded by the local authority;

As at 13th April 2017, 1120 service users were in receipt of a monitored AT service, with a further 990 service users in receipt of stand-alone or peer to peer monitored AT services.

8 Commissioning officer name, email address and phone number

Alison Golby,

Senior Commissioning Officer.

01392 383000