Street lights and 5G in Sparkwell

Please send me the information regarding the street lights recently mounted on lamp posts in Sparkwell:

1. What exact type and make are those lights?

There was a mix of street lights lamps, mostly fitted with 45Watt CPO but a few with 45Watt SON lamps. We have an ongoing replacement program to replace all exerting street lights with new 24 watt LED units.

2. Do they have cameras and if yes, to what purpose and who receives the images/videos from them?

No cameras have been fitted to these streetlights

3. Are the lights 5G compatible?

4. If they have 5G capabilities, when are they going to radiate EMF and in what exact frequencies?

5. They are placed in front of people’s houses and children’s rooms. Public Health England has announced that they are not good for health, especially for children’s health. Please provide your public health risk assessment regarding those lights.

In response to questions 3-5 we can confirm that no 5G has been fitted and there are no plans to do so.   We have therefore not carried out a risk assessment as there is no 5G risk to assess.