Stoneyford Park Adoption and Ownership

1. Does DCC or another party own the walls either side of the entrance to Stoneyford Park from Upper Stoneborough Lane, i.e. at the rear of the vision splays? Please include any relevant documentation.

Devon County Council owns no land in this area. To establish ownership of the walls, it is best to contact the land registry.

2. Please supply a copy of the Highway Adoption agreement relating to Stoneyford Park.

The Highway Adoption agreement can be viewed on this Devon County Council webpage . This document also forms part of the adoption agreement.

3. With regard to the construction phasing / progress of the Stoneyford Park Estate please provide any information you hold, e.g. site layout, correspondence and photos, between circa 1989 and 1993. I’m particularly interested in house numbers 16, 14 and 12.

We do not have any correspondence or information of any kind for the period stated, therefore Devon County Council does not hold this information.