Spending for Devon Climate Emergency Project


“Please can you provide figures for all spending relating to the ‘Devon Climate Emergency‘ project?

This will include for example the costs of Facebook or other advertising, website and associated costs, remuneration costs of people working on this and their on-costs (e.g. web developers, the ‘task force’, marketing team, project leads, consultation activity / analysts) and any other associated revenue or capital costs relating to the ‘DCE’ scheme.

Please provide a breakdown by financial year. Please also provide forecast spend for future years on this matter if available.  If possible, it would be helpful for a breakdown by spend category too, but the totals per year would be fine if this might be restricted by a non-disclosure clause of the FOIA.”


Total expenditure as at 31st October 2019 on the Devon Climate Emergency project is £39,166.  Breakdown is as follows:-

Project lead costs: £29,658

Venue hire for Task Force, Response Group and Thematic Hearings: £520

Recruitment costs for project manager: £312

Staff time for the development of the website: £4428

Advertising of the call for evidence process: £1748

Research costs: £2,500


Estimate for the remainder of 2019/20 is £67,871.  Breakdown is as follows:-

Project lead: £14,829

IT equipment for the project manager: £1000

Project manager: £19,792

Marketing support for the call for evidence: £4000

Communications intern: £6250

Research costs: £31,500


Estimate for 2020/21 is £214,908.  Breakdown is as follows:-

Project lead: £29,658

Project manager: £47,500

Communications intern: £18750

Citizens’ Assembly: £80,000

Research costs: £24,000

Project evaluation: £15,000


Estimate for 2021/22 is £57,366.  Breakdown is as follows:-

Project lead: £29,658

Project manager: £27,708