Social Care Commissioning

Please provide names and contact details for commissioners for social care services for the following:

* Substance abuse and alcohol misuse

* Mental health difficulties

* Neurodevelopmental difficulties

* Learning difficulties

* Care leavers

* A limited number of children aged 16 to 18

* Prison leavers and involvement in the criminal justice system

Devon County Council do not commission any specific services for prison leavers under 18. For over 18s we advise you to contact the Probation Service.

Please note, we have not provided the personal names requested, as this information is exempt under Section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act (Personal Data). 

Devon County Council are not obliged to provide information that is the personal information of another person if releasing it would contravene any of the provisions in the Data Protection Act 2018. In this instance we believe that the release of this information would contravene the first data protection principle and therefore Section 40(2) is applied.