Site plans and investigations – Plymouth Road, PL19 9QN

I would like to request environmental information for the following site: Tesco, Retail Park, Plymouth Road, Tavistock, PL19 9QN

* Details of the sites status under Part 2A and whether you have plans to investigate the site.

* Details of any previous planning applications for the site with any outstanding conditions.

* Details of any previous site investigations undertaken at the site or within the vicinity of the site.

* Details of any environmental permits for the site.

* Details of any landfill sites located on the site or within 250m of the site with any records of operators etc.

* Details of whether any ground gas protection measures are installed in the building.

*any information regarding the flood risk/drainage at the site and whether there is an attenuation tank present at the site.

I was also wondering whether I can please be put into contact with Building Control to obtain as built drawings for the building.

Devon County Council does not hold any information regarding this site as Building Control rests with the Borough Council. In the interests of advice and assistance we therefore suggest that West Devon Borough Council would be best placed to respond to this request.