Schoool budget surpluses claw backs

Local authorities are able to claw back money from schools posting excess surplus balances (see 6.2:

1. Does your local authority have a policy to claw back money from schools with excess surpluses?


2. If so, what is that policy? Eg, does it apply to schools with a surplus worth x% of their income, or with a value exceeding a certain £?

3. How many schools had money clawed back from their surplus in each of the following years: 2018-19, 2017-18, 2016-17?

For questions 3 – 6 there have been no instances where money has been clawed back from schools in these circumstances, therefore we do not hold this information.

4. How many schools appealed the clawback in each of those three years?

5. How many of the appeals were accepted, in each of those years?

6. What was the total amount of money from schools’ excess surpluses that was clawed back in each of those years?