School Transport

Following a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian (a school student crossing the road) on the A35 at Kilmington in 2005, changes were made to the provision of school buses serving students from Kilmington. Buses have since that time crossed the A35 to the South side to collect pupils to prevent them having to cross the busy trunk road.

1. Please provide copies of documents, emails and decisions relating to this and any other changes made to the school transport arrangements for Axe Valley Academy / Axe Valley Community College.

We do not have any information i.e documents; emails relating to the decision to adjust anything on the network as a result of an accident in 2005, therefore this information is not held.

2. Please provide dates, details and documents relating to any route reviews during the past 15 yrs, of the pedestrian route from Kilmington to Axe Valley Academy (formerly Axe Valley Community College) 

Copies of two route reports completed in December 2009 and July 2021 can be found on this Devon County Council webpage

The document has been redacted to remove the personal information of third parties. We believe that the release of this information contravenes the first data protection principle and therefore section 40(2) is applied.

3. Please can you explain why Axe Valley Academy students living on the South side of the A35 are currently entitled to school transport, whereas students living on the North side of the A35 are not? This has been the case for many years. 

Children living within Kilmington have received free school transport for a number of years.  A route survey conducted in 2009 confirmed, at that time, that the crossing of the A35 is not suitable. Children living on the north side of the A35 have not received free school transport as they generally will be within walking distance of the school and there is an available walking route via Gammons Hill.