Roundabouts and Surface Dressing – 2012-2022

1 Local Highway Authority name?

2 How many roundabout assets are maintained by your authority?

3 Does your local authority have any roundabout assets within your Surface Dressing programme this year?
Yes / No (if yes how many?)

4 Has your Local Authority used surface dressing on a roundabout asset in the last 5 years?
Yes / No (if yes how many?)

5 If easily available, Has your Local Authority used surface dressing on a roundabout asset as far as your record go back?
(if so please provide the year where a roundabout was surfaced dressed last)
Yes / No (Year)

6 For the last 3 years, please provide m2 area for surface dressing programmes?

7 Based on the answer for Q5, How much of this surface dressing programme was completed using hot applied bitumen or a bitumen emulsion as the binder material?
2019/2020 – Hot applied bitumen
2019/2020 – Bitumen Emulsion
2020/2021 – Hot applied bitumen
2020/2021 – Bitumen Emulsion
2021/2022 – Hot applied bitumen
2021/2022 – Bitumen Emulsion

8 Has your authority used any other form of surface treatment (CAUTS) as part of your preventative maintenance programme on roundabouts in the last 3 year? If so please provide detail in box below
Yes / No
Detail – Material and what year

9 “Epoxy-Bound Surface Dressing” – is an innovative material being developed to improve the performance of surface dressing, what description below best describes the knowledge in the team associated to this new approach?
Yes / No
Not aware

10 What do you think the blockers are for delivering surface dressing on roundabouts – please rank from 1-5 and provide free text if other blockers are perceived
Rank 1- 5 (1 = being most important barrier, please adjust ranking if other blockers are stated) Please X if you don’t believe this is a potential blocker.
Durability – Pavement condition (Bleeding / Aggregate Loss / Stripping)
Early life performance – Safety (Skid Risk / Insurance claims)
Contractors wont guarantee end of life performance (Texture Depth – after 2 years)
Awareness that national guidance suggests that surface dressing can be applied to roundabouts
Other – (please insert text here)

11 What do you think are the perceived benefits of delivering surface dressing on roundabouts – please rank from 1-6 and provide free text if other benefits are perceived
Rank 1- 6 (1 = being most important benefit, please adjust ranking if more benefits are identified), Please X if you don’t think any are benefits
Improve the current pavement performance (defects / texture)
reduce carbon footprint of maintenance activities associated to roundabout assets
Improve the whole life cost of the asset
reduce the cost to road authorities when maintaining roundabout assets
Reduce the impact of roadworks on road users when maintaining roundabout assets.
Other – (please insert text here)

For the response to these questions, please see this Devon County Council webpage.

The information requested in questions 10 and 11 is opinion rather than fact, and so does not come under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. However, in the interests of providing advice and assistance, the Highways Asset Team Manager has answered these questions on the Devon County Council webpage linked to above.