Road Maintenance Westcott Lane, Chagford

I ask for information regarding actions / agreements in place that have been committed to by DCC to meet the future enormously increased burden of the highways around Chagford, due to the anticipated enormous increase in traffic use over the coming years.  

This will peak over the next 5 years while the new school and over 100 new houses in the town are being built, involving large volumes of oversize and heavy vehicles traversing roads that were originally intended for small cars, in small volumes; and over the long term, as we see a potential increase in residents of 2-400 and their associated vehicles, delivery vehicles, services and emergency vehicles and friends etc. 

The main road into Chagford is struggling to cope now. What is being done to manage this traffic volume and to maintain the road that goes from Easton Court and round the Square, then down Mill Street and up to New Street – and all the adjoining roads? 

What about the road from Factory Bridge up to Whiddon Down? That will undoubtedly see increased usage due to people avoiding the Easton Court route? What is planned for maintenance and management of those roads? 

What about Westcott lane? Already a ‘short cut’ and seeing many more excess size vehicles attempting to access Chagford and its surrounds using this route instead of the ‘main’ road? What is planned please? 

Overall, I am seeking information about DCC’s commitment to an increase in not only maintenance but also management of all the Chagford roads please. Or if there is NO commitment 

We have interpreted your request in two parts – Road maintenance and Traffic management and the impact of development, and have responded to each part below.

Road Maintenance

The County Council addresses its duty under Section 41 of the Highways Act by having in place a Highway safety inspection policy which details the commitment to address highway safety defects

Highway maintenance priorities are assessed based on road condition, and the road maintenance category which gives consideration to the purpose of the route and the traffic using it.

The County Council’s Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan provides details.

Traffic management and the impact of development

There will shortly be a Section 38 Agreement relating to the 93 residential property development (including a new public car park and replacement fire station) between Lower Street and Westcott Lane. This development also will provide a new link road from Lower Street to Westcott Lane through the site and a new public car park, meaning that members of the public will no longer have to go through the constrained town centre roads to access the only car park.

A Section 278/ 38 agreement is also under preparation for the application for the school site.