Road defect and repair – Cullompton

1. Please can you confirm when the repair to this defect, reported on 10 April and 10 May, was in fact repaired. I’m assuming there would have been a physical inspection by DCC further to these reports and prior to the repair. If so, when did this inspection take place?

The report from the 10th April 2019 was repaired on the 15th April 2019. The report from the 10th May 2019 was repaired on the 16th May 2019. Public reports of trips are subject to a desktop triage process prior to a works instruction being sent to our term maintenance contractor. There is no record of a physical inspection having taken place in addition to this, nor is there currently a requirement for this.

2. Please can you confirm what category of risk this defect was classified as pursuant to the risk matrix within the Highways Safety Inspection manual. Also, please can you confirm that this highway is recorded as an F1 route in accordance with this manual.

Response times for publicly reported trip defects are automatically assigned based on the maintenance category of the footway. The footway at this location is currently classified as an F2 – Secondary Walking Route which generates a 1-day response.

3. Regarding the last inspection and repair which you advised took place in February, please can you confirm what category of risk this was classified as according to the risk matrix referred to above.

The inspector assigned this an impact score of 4 with a probability score of 2, giving a category 3 risk rating (28-day response).