Road closures and Complaints – A380 Telegraph Hill

I would like details of all road closures of the A380, from Telegraph Hill to the end of the dual carriageway where the road splits off to Newton Abbot, from 16th July 2015 until 14th September 2021

Please refer to the Telegraph Hill Road Closures spreadsheet

Please note these are records of road closures, and users can only select one type of traffic management when applying for a permit (and the advice is to select the worst one) so that all of the records show road closures, even though these may have been for shorter durations to allow the implementation of contraflow, such as currently exists.

I would also like details of complaints sent to your office regarding said road works

Please refer to A380 Complaints.

Some of the information within this document has been redacted as it is third party information and release of this information would contravene the first data protection principle. Therefore section 40(2) is applied.