Road classification and hauliers agreements – Meavy Lane/Gratton Lane to Cadover Bridge

I would like the council to supply all information held relating to the official road classification of the Meavy Lane/Gratton Lane route to Cadover Bridge and plus all statistics relating to the amount of traffic regularly using Meavy Lane/Gratton Lane PL20 to shortcut cross Dartmoor.

This is a C class road, maintenance category 6, Local Distributor. More information about road safety and inspection can be found in the Devon County Council Highway Safety Policy.

A traffic survey undertaken in Meavy Lane at the end of February 2020 showed two-way flows near Willoughby Gardens were between 1,000 and 2,000 vehicles per day. No other count data are available.

I would also like to have details of any Highways information held and any agreements the council has reached either on its own or in partnership with road hauliers to maintain and repair the damage they cause to the road surface along this route.

Devon County Council has reached no agreements with road hauliers so no information is held about this.