Road and highway projects

I am requesting information relating to road / highway projects (e.g. roundabout improvements, new roads and junctions, major road resurfacing) funded or contributed to by your council from its capital budget and budgeted to cost over £500,000 or more.

I require data relating to any applicable projects carried out during the tax periods of 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-present date. Of such projects, please provide the following information:

* Project name or description (e.g. Bell Lane roundabout improvements, M1 Junction XX works)
* Start date
* Planned delivery date
* Actual delivery date
* Planned budget
* Actual spend

Please find attached a list of schemes greater than £500k in the last 3 years which can be accessed via the link below:


Large schemes of this nature will, by their nature,  take a long time to close so we therefore only hold the expenditure to date for them. As is evident on the spreadsheet, only 7 of the 28 schemes are complete.

We do not hold a specific record of delivery dates. Again, because of the nature of large schemes, they were delivered in phases, took multiple weeks (so not a single date) and would have had various types of work by multiple contractors etc.

In relation to budget  this would span multiple years and phases and is updated at various stages in the project and we therefore do not hold a single budget figure for the projects.