Real Time Passenger Information provision

Please provide the following information:

1. The number of bus stops in your Local Transport Authority (LTA) area.


2. The number (and percentage) of buses operating in your LTA area which have automatic vehicle location (AVL) devices fitted.

845 vehicles – 100% with AVL (as of Oct 2021)

3. The number of the bus stops in your LTA area which currently have some form of Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) physically available in that location (on a screen, electronic display board or similar).


4. If you do have RTPI available at bus stops in your LTA area, which company / companies supplied the physical hardware?

Cloud Amber

5. Was the hardware purchased by the LTA / operators, or is it leased from a supplier? If it is leased, when is the lease due to expire?


6. Is this hardware subject to an ongoing maintenance contract with a supplier and, if so, when is this contract due to end?


7. Which IT system is used to feed the real-time data from AVL devices to these RTPI display boards at bus stops?

National Public Transport Information Ltd provide the SIRI feed to IDOX.

8. Does the LTA have plans to increase the availability of RTPI at bus stops, and if so:

a. Has it been decided whether this will be done with an existing contractor or subject to a new tender / contract?

Existing Contractor

b. At how many bus stops does it plan to add RTPI in each of the next three years?

0 – the focus is on replacing end of life displays.

c. Is this dependent on the allocation of Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP)/ Enhanced Partnerships funding and / or other future funding from the Department for Transport, or will the LTA / bus operators be funding these out of resources which are already agreed as part of funding already secured and / or budget allocations agreed by the LTA / bus operators? Please advise of details, including any provisional allocations of financial resources for the provision of RPTI at bus stops over the next three years.

This will come from capital funding from Devon County Council for 2023/24. But there would be a reliance on funding from external sources (such as the BSIP) to carry out a full replacement programme of the current displays in operation.