Publicly-owned building sales

1. How many publicly-owned buildings and spaces were sold off in
a) 2017-18
b) 2018-19
c) 2019-20
d) 2020-21

Please provide a figure against each year.

Please see the table below:

Financial Year Number of buildings/spaces sold
2017-2018 21
2018-2019 20
2019-2020 13
2020-2021 24

2. Do you have a strategy or policy in place for community ownership?

3. Please can you provide a link to said policy or strategy, if applicable?

In response to questions 2 and 3, we do not hold a strategy or policy regarding community ownership, but there is a website that provides information regarding this topic –  Community ownership – transfer-of-assets and there is a guidance document for applicants, available on request as a community transfer project is initiated. This has recently been updated to corporate the updated strategic direction of Devon County Council.