Public Rights of Way

Please provide the following information.

Are you responsible for the processing of Schedule 14 claims for public rights of way. (Schedule 14 to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981)

If you are not please provide the name of the authority that is for your region.

If so, has there ever been a situation whereby the application has been dismissed, thrown out or had to be resubmitted, due to an administrative error. Such as (but not limited to) the incorrect completion of the forms or failure to follow the guidelines correctly.

Devon County Council is responsible for processing schedule 14 applications within the authority area.

As required by legislation, the County Council holds a register of Schedule 14 applications received by the authority in the prescribed form. The register is available to view on our website at

We do not hold any specific record of applications that have not been accepted, or have been resubmitted due to administrative errors, and therefore cannot provide this information as requested.

Guidance on the process is also available on our website