Public health director expenses

Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act please could you release the following information in relation to your director of public health.

Please can you provide me details of their expenses claimed over the past two years including submitted receipts supporting the claimed expenses and any related credit card statements.

Amounts paid for claims are in the table below. We do not hold any credit card statements in relation to this request. We do hold receipts but they include personal data which is not relevant and disclosure of which may be in breach of data protection principles and therefore exempt under the Freedom of information Act Section 40(2) Personal Data.

Expense type   2017 2018
Official mileage £540.45 £632.56
Public transport rate mileage £144.72 £25.68
Passenger miles £9.35 £0.30
Parking, subsistence and other expenses £58.60 £144.50
Total £753.12 £803.04