Plympton Hill traffic congestion

1 Whether a public consultation will be held?
2. When and where will it take place?
3. When will the results be published

We do not hold this information. Any consultation would be the responsibility of Plymouth City Council, please contact them directly using the information on the link provided.

1. All data collected by the ATC located on Plympton Hill from its inception to date, preferably in spread sheet form.

Plympton Hill Traffic flows

2. All correspondence from members of the public relating to traffic congestion/increaser traffic/HGV s in the Fore Street/ Longbrook Street/George Lane area.
3. If separate from 1. above, all information expressed using the AECOM methodology for the measurement of the 24 hour all way traffic two way flows and first released under FoI in February 2016, 2016 example attached.
4 All correspondence between PCC and Sherford development regarding HGV incidents in Fore Street/Longbrook Street George Lane.

We do not hold the information for Questions 2 – 4.  Please contact Plymouth City Council using the information on the link provided.