Broadway Road, Kingsteignton

Provide details of the Highways plan for Broadway Road, Kingsteignton including the registered widths along its length between Andor Avenue (50°32’51.7″N 3°36’01.6″W) and AC Garage Services (3 Broadway Rd, Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot TQ12 3PJ) 

We record only high-level detail on our inventory system and for road widths this is limited to widths at the start and end of a particular road section, we are not able to give a breakdown of any width differences within the section. The whole of Devon’s 7,710 miles of carriageway is split by section of carriageway, a section being a specific length of carriageway between junctions. A particular length of road can therefore be made up of many sections, your enquiry is captured in two sections:

1st Section – from Andor Avenue to Tweenways, the start width is 5.5m and the end width is 5.6m (a diagram for this and the below section can be found on this Devon County Council Webpage)

2nd Section – from Tweenways to Road from Gallows Cross to New Cross., the start width is 6.4m and the end width is 27.4m at the junction bell mouth (see diagram 2 available on the above webpage).

Additionally when was the last highways inspection for Tweenways as the last sludges layers dumped on top of the rotting concrete is now breaking up, there has already been 1 large breakage along the Wolverton Drive section where the concrete base failed and was just pulled up an filled with tarmac.

The carriageway at Tweenways, Kingsteignton was subject to its last routine safety inspection on the 17th August 2021. No safety defects were identified at this time.