Planning performance agreements – 2016 to date

I would like:

1. Details of any planning performance agreements that the Council has agreed in the past five years with any property developer in respect of Planning Officers, Highway Officers or any other Council employees. Also any agreement however described with a similar purpose.

A planning performance agreement is simply a project management tool to agree timescales, actions and resources for handling particular planning applications.

Planning performance agreements are therefore not made with individual officers, rather such agreements are signed on behalf of Devon County Council by an officer who is authorised to sign.

We have signed one planning performance agreement in the last 5 years. Details are available on the planning website.

2. Details of funding or benefits in kind provided by property developers for planning and/or other council staff, whether under a planning performance agreement or other means.

The fee arrangements can be found in the table on page 6 of the planning performance agreement, details of which are available on the planning website.

3. Please provide details of any sponsorship or incentives received by the Council or Council employees from property developers in the last 5 years.