People’s Park Pavilion – Tiverton

Regarding the hoardings around the pavilion in People’s Park.

I would like the following information:
1. Any E-mail sent within the authority either internally or to external partners about the pavilion.
2. As the fences are fastened to the structure, they addend it. I therefore request EVERY planning application made in relation to the pavilion over the last five years.
3. If the fences are not subject to a planning application, I would like to see the streetworks permit and license in relation to the fences. As, generally speaking, streetworks is a competence of Devon county council, I have copied them in as well.
4. Any actual reports the authority holds in relation to criminal activity at the pavilion.
5. A list of all the names responsible in taking the decision to erect fencing at the pavilion.
6. Any court order requesting the fencing to be put up.
7. All risk assessments undertaken in respect to the fences at the pavilion.

We can confirm that Devon County Council do not hold any information with regard to the People’s Park.  This information will be held by either the district councils or the police