Pedestrian and Zebra Crossing Locations

“I am looking into finding out about the location of pedestrian crossings in Devon County Council. Please could you provide me with the following:

1) A list of all the different pedestrian crossings within Devon County Council boundaries. Including the location of all formal crossings: Zebra, Toucan, Pegasus, Staggered Pelican/Puffin and Toucan crossings.

Please see list of signal controlled crossings

We do not hold a list of zebra crossings as such, but please see a list of the beacons we have on zebra crossings.  This therefore highlights the location of the zebra crossings.

2) Information on the type of tactile paving used at each site.  All signal- controlled crossings have red tactile paving.  Further information is not held.

3) A list of all lowered kerbs in the Devon County Council district. Showing the location of each and paying particular attention to the ones intended for use as pedestrian crossing points.

Lowered / dropped kerbs are in situ at all the crossings listed above.  Information relating to other lowered / dropped kerbs in the Devon County Council district is not held.

The above would ideally include the use of the Geo-coordinate system information of each site, but also the street name and location. 

The information will be used to provide a complete map of the District to aid in the navigation of Devon County Council for people with limited mobility or requiring the use of a wheelchair.”