Parking Charge Notices – Cowick Road, Exeter

When were the delineation line markings repainted in Cowick Road, St Thomas Exeter?

The work was completed on the 13th August 2020

How many parking tickets were issued in the 12 months prior to this?


How many parking tickets have been issued in each 12 month period since then?

Year Parking Charge Notices Issued
13th August 2020 – 12th August 2021 30
13th August 2021 – present 18

How many of these were for parking in a resident parking zone without a valid permit ?


How many of these tickets were challenged informally and for what reason?

9. Reasons for these challenges include, permit not arriving on time, permit glue failure, unable to locate a non blue badge bay and unable to see the delineation lines

How many of these informal appeals were denied?


How many of the denied appeals went to an independent parking adjudicator and what percentage of these appeals were successful?