Social workers pay conditions


ASYE/Newly Qualified Social Worker Grade F £26,470 – £30,756
Social Worker Grade G £31,401 – £35,229
Enhanced Social Worker Grade H £36,153 – £39,961
Specialist (Advanced Practitioner) Social Worker Grade H £36,153 – £39,961
Assistant Team Manager Grade H £36,153 – £39,961
Team Manager Grade H £36,153 – £39,961
Senior Manager L6 £66,536

ALSO for Child Protection Social Workers:

What additional non-cash benefits and value eg. extra holidays, gym membership, training, health care are there? Please specify if this is available to all Social Workers or only to Child Protection Social Workers

Social Workers (including Child Protection Social Workers) do not get any additional non-cash benefits.  Staff benefits are applicable to all staff.

These are the main ones:

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Westfield Health cover
  • Credit unions
  • Devon discounts
  • Perks and Work
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Charity give as you earn
  • Cycle to work
  • Stagecoach discounts
  • Pension
  • Additional holiday after 5 years’ service
  • Access to resources through Devon County Council’s employers for carers’ membership

If there are retention payments, who these are paid to and what are the conditions attached?  

The Council are no longer paying retention payments or any other payments to children’s social workers except a market supplement to Team Managers.

Is a Practice educator allowance paid? If so, how much?  


What is the average Caseload of a Child Protection Social Worker

The average caseload at the moment FTE is 18.

and will his differ between ASYE/Social Worker/Enhanced Social Worker/Advanced Practitioner? If yes, how?

Yes. ASYE’s have a staged increased in caseload to reflect their training.  It starts at 3 cases in the first three months, to 12 cases in the latter part of their first year. Advanced Practitioners have a similar caseload to Social Workers.

Do Child Protection Social Workers receive travel allowances and benefits and what are these?  

They are paid an Essential User Lump Sum of £453pa if applicable, the same as all Devon County Council employees.

What is a CP Social Worker’s holiday entitlement?

The same as all Devon County Council employees but just taken differently as they work the Technology Day – see wording below from the Leave policy:

The Christmas break includes 3 public holidays, and 2 extra statutory days. The day that follows the 2 extra statutory days (previously the Technology Day) is a normal working day for many Children and Adult services employees and is added as annual leave (making basic entitlement 21 days)

Is overtime paid for CP Social Workers?  

Devon County Council Overtime Policy does not allow overtime to be paid to anyone above Spinal Column Point 28 (currently staff on Grade F or above).


The following data is taken from agency (etips) data

Newly Qualified Social Worker N/A
Social Worker N/A
Senior Social Worker £38
Specialist (Advanced) Social Worker £35
Assistant Team Manager £38
Team Manager £41
Senior Manager £67