Pay and Display parking tickets

Your parking tickets issued by parking machines, have the words “Not Transferable” printed on them.

Why is it necessary to have those two words on the ticket?

Those two words need some clarification as to exactly what they mean as it does not say why they are not transferable.

What would be the sole reason or are there many reasons?

Where could I obtain a copy of the reasons? 

The words “not transferable” are on parking tickets because a pay & display ticket is valid for the parking place for which it was purchased, with appropriate tariffs and maximum stay periods applied. Pay & display tickets are not transferrable around a community, or, between on and off-street areas, or, between communities.

Paragraph 25 of our Traffic Regulation Order imposes the condition that the period of parking is purchased for use in that specific parking place “The initial charge is payable on the leaving of a vehicle in a parking place referred to in Schedule 5 and is the appropriate payment specified in corresponding tariff of Appendix C to purchase a ticket from a pay and display ticket machine or a payment made by means of a mobile phone or device to cover the anticipated length of stay subject to the maximum stay permitted at that parking place”.

If it was identified that a ticket was being used in a parking place other than that in which it was purchased, then contravention code 06 would apply (Parked without clearly displaying a valid pay-and-display ticket or voucher).