Pavement Complaints for Hazelwood Close and Blackthorn Close, Honiton

(1) Between January 2009 and November 2019, for each month, how many Complaints have been made in relation to the State of Pavements on (a) Hazelwood Close, Honiton and (b) Blackthorn Close, Honiton?

(2) How many of these Complaints resulted in admissions of failings and agreed work being carried out?

We are unable to confirm that we hold this information.  The reason for this is that complaints data is not recorded against specific road names within our case management system. In order to confirm or deny whether information is held, we would need to review all highways complaints individually to determine which road is referred to and also whether the complaint specifically relates to the pavement.

Complaints information is only retained for 6 years, so we hold no information prior to 2013.  From 28 March 2013 to 29 March 2019 we had 4,233 Highway Complaints.  We have undertaken a test exercise to ascertain how long it would take to review a single complaint, and this took approximately 30 seconds.  We therefore believe that it would take 35 hours to confirm or deny whether the requested information is held.

Under the Freedom of Information and Data Protection (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulations 2004 public authorities are not obliged to comply with requests which exceed the cost limit of £450 (equating to 18 hours of time).   On this basis, we consider Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to apply to this request.

Should you wish to refine your request to fall within the cost limit as outlined above, we would be happy to review your request.  We would suggest that you may wish to consider shortening the timeframe of your request.