Paper Costs and Carbon Footprint Reduction


“I am currently compiling data on the cost to both the environment and expenditure on the use of paper.


I would be grateful if you can give me information on the following:

The total amount of reams of paper used by the authority in the last 12 months.

We do not hold information about the last 12 months. The most recent period for which we hold information is October 2016 – July 2017 – 27,000 reams.

The amount of expenditure on printing, photocopying, and consumables for internal purposes.  We are not interested in the amount of expenditure for printing of publications for external use.

We do not separate costs for internal and external expenditure therefore we do not hold this information.

The amount of recycling of paper from your offices.

We do not record the amount of paper recycled. All council offices have paper recycling in place and it is generally estimated that 75 – 80% of paper is recycled.

Does the local authority have a target to reduce the use of paper – if so what is the current progress?

No targets for the reduction of paper use are set.

Does the local authority have a target to reduce their carbon footprint – if so what is the current progress?”

The target is a 50% reduction on 2012/13 levels by 2030. Current performance is a 33% reduction.