Motorhome/campervan parking on Exmouth seafront

I made the following request to East Devon District Council for information.

How many complaints have been received by the council regarding motorhome/campervan parking on Exmouth seafront?

I would also request the details of the alleged complaints, whether they were from EDDC residents or visitors and any incidents of discharging sewage (when and where).

Their response was as follows: Any complaints regarding on street parking would be the responsibility of Devon County Council (DCC). If we received any such complaints they would have been redirected to DCC. We do not keep a record of any contacts/complaints referred to them. You will need to refer this matter to DCC via their website or…

So as advised I am asking the same question of DCC.

Devon County Council does hold this information. An audit of our customer contacts using search phrases “mobilehome” “mobile home” “motorvan” “motor van” “motorhome” “Motor home” “camper” and “campervan” in locations “Queens Drive”, “Imperial Road”, and “Maer Street” for the last 3 years has identified 27 reports.

However, in disclosing details of the complaints there is a risk that someone may be able to identify themselves or an individual. Therefore disclosure of this information would constitute a breach of the first principle of the Data Protection Act 1998. For this reason, we feel this information is exempt from disclosure by virtue of the exemption at Section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000