Managed print contract and suppliers

1.Do you currently utilise a managed print contract?

We have a print service provided under a joint venture.

2. If so, is it under a framework and what is that framework?

No, it is not a framework

3. Can you name the current incumbent supplier?

Devon Norse (Interprint)

4. When does the contract start and finish?

Began in 2021, review of joint venture due in 5 years.

5. What is the annual expenditure under this contract?

This joint venture has not been running for 12 months yet so we do not know the yearly spend.

6. Who is the key sponsor of this contract and what are their contact details?

Liam Jennings is the commissioner for this. Email: Tel: 01392 383000

7. Please can you confirm who places print orders and their name/s and contact details?

All Devon County Council staff have access to use this print service as and when required.