Maintenance contracts for bridges and structures

* A list of all existing Highways Maintenance Frameworks and Term Maintenance contracts which would include the refurbishment and maintenance of Bridges and structures.

* Please could you provide the start dates and expiration dates of these contracts and also a list of the contractors who are currently on the Frameworks or Term Maintenance contract.

This information can be found on this Devon County Council webpage.

More information can be found on the Contracts Register, specifically¬†Devon County Council’s Minor Engineering Works Framework 2022 – 26 which commenced on 1st April 2022 for a period of four years.

* Annual spend on each Framework/Term Maintenance contract.

Calculating the annual spend is not straightforward, and the annual costs vary from year to year. Devon County Council believes that complying with the request for annual spend on each Framework/Term Maintenance contract meets the criteria for manifestly unreasonable under Regulation 12 (4) of the Environmental Information Regulations. 

In order to extract the information requested, a manual search of all the records would be required. This would place an unreasonable burden on our resources. 

Whilst DCC believe in the value of openness and transparency, we do not believe it is in the public’s best interests to divert our staff resources from their core functions for the prolonged period of time it would take to answer this request.¬†