Local Authority Electricity Generation Assets

Please provide the following information,  relating to grid connected assets for example solar farms, wind turbines and waste to energy plants, rather than rooftop solar installations which mostly supply electricity to the building they occupy. 

1) Do you own or operate electricity generation assets which export to the grid?
2) If so, what technologies? And are they ‘co-located’? E.g., a solar farm with a battery.
3) How much electricity (in kWh) would you expect to be exported, per asset, per year?
4) When were the assets commissioned?
5) What is the current contractual arrangement to sell the power, to whom is it sold and what is the contract end date?

In response to questions 1 – 5, Devon County Council does not own any grid-connected renewables.

6) Does your local authority have any plans in place to acquire, build or invest in electricity generation assets in the future?

Options are being discussed, but we have no plans as yet.