Libraries Unlimited

The accessibility of fire alarm systems in public premises with regards to Deaf members of the public. I would like to receive a copy of your current fire safety policy.

Libraries Unlimited Fire safety policy

The relevant designated responsible person will be responsible for ensuring each library’s fire risk assessment is undertaken and controls implemented accordingly. Fire risk assessments will be located at each library/service point and will be reviewed annually as a minimum.

Fire and emergency evacuation procedures will be detailed in the Fire Emergency Plan for each site. Fire Action notices will be posted at the exit points of each library and made known to all contractors and visitors.

These procedures will be reviewed along with the fire risk assessment and will form part of the Libraries Unlimited induction process.

All staff will be briefed in the contents of the Fire Emergency Plan annually. This will be supplemented by fire drills which will be undertaken on a 6-monthly basis which will be recorded in the Fire Log book.

Emergency contact and key holder details are held centrally.

The designated responsible person is responsible for ensuring that each library’s Fire Log is up to date and that the following inspection / maintenance is undertaken:
• Dates of fire-fighting equipment inspections and checks
• Dates and outcome of fire alarm system(s) inspections and checks
• Dates and outcome of emergency lighting system – records of tests
• Dates and outcome of visits by Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue
• List of all fire training / instruction carried out
• Dates and outcome of fire drills

Procedures for other critical incidents and off-site emergencies are contained in the Libraries Unlimited Business Continuity Plan which will be on the Libraries Unlimited shared drive or alternative and will be reviewed annually.

Risk assessments

In addition, individual libraries complete a fire risk assessment as mentioned in the policy. Not all libraries have an automatic fire alarm installed and in some cases, this is the responsibility of the landlord (not all library buildings are owned by the Council).

The fire risk assessment will cover how to support people with disabilities in the result of a fire or other emergency where it is necessary to evacuate the building.