Legal communications with Dartmoor National Park

In respect of Dartmoor National Park Authority, Dartmoor Commons Act – Review of Byelaws (DNPA Ref NPA/21/027).

1. Please provide a copy of the advice / correspondence that Devon County Council legal team provided to Dartmoor National Park Authority for the process and wording of the new byelaws.
2. Please confirm if the advice from Devon County Council legal team to DNPA for the new byelaws was provided by a qualified solicitor / lawyer.
3. Please provide the advice / correspondence that was provided from DEFRA in respect of these new byelaws.
4. Please provide a copy of the correspondence that was submitted by DNPA to Devon County Council legal team requesting this new byelaw advice.

All legal advice which has been provided to DNPA is subject to legal professional privilege and therefore any information which may be held in respect of questions 1, 2 and 4 is exempt from disclosure pursuant to s. 42 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

We have interpreted question 3 to refer to any advice in correspondence which may have been provided from Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in respect of the new byelaws.  We can confirm that no advice has been provided.