Legal Case Management software systems

I would like to know if you could please tell us what software system your legal teams use for Case Management, Matter Management, Time Recording and Court Bundling (where applicable).

Case Management
Devon’s Legal Service use a product called ‘The Bundler’ also known as Paperwait by Decameron software

Matter Management  

The Council do not have a software system for ‘Matter Management’.  Therefore, this information is not held.  If Matter Management is known by another name please let us know and we will seek advice

Time Recording
Profess Software

Court Bundling (where applicable).
‘The Bundler’ also known as Paperwait by Decameron software.

In addition, if any of these systems are under contract and when the contract renewal/end date is.
There is no renewal date for the software. The Council has an annual licence renewable in February of each year.