Kenwyn, Ashburton – asset of community value

Please provide me with details of:

* Whether Kenwyn is listed by Devon County Council (DCC) as an ‘Asset of Community Value’ under the Localism Act.

Assets of Community Value are the responsibilities of district councils and, in this case, therefore the responsibility of Teignbridge District Council.  We would therefore recommend that you contact Teignbridge for further information regarding this; their contact details can be found on their website at: Teignbridge

* Any sale or lease that DCC or its agents has agreed to in respect of Kenwyn and if so, when did the agreement occur and to whom?

No sale or lease has yet been agreed in respect of Kenwyn

* If the sale/lease has been agreed, what restrictions have been placed on the vendor/leaseholder for the future use of the Kenwyn building and the site in which it stands?

* How was the sale/lease of Kenwyn marketed? Was a ‘for sale’ sign was displayed at the site? If so, was it in a position that could be seen by the Public from the public road?

Following our answer to the above question, we do not hold any information in relation to these questions; however we can confirm that all Devon County Council properties for sale are advertised on Right Move and other property websites.

* What provision have DCC made to ensure that the amenity value that Kenwyn provides to the communities of Ashburton is not lost;

Kenwyn is not a designated amenity site.

* What conditions have / will DCC enforce on any potential future use of Kenwyn, to ensure compliance with the Devon Climate Declaration that DCC led and facilitated in 2019, in particular (i) inclusion of 100% renewable energy, (ii) construction of zero-carbon buildings, (iii) encouraging carbon storage, (iv) engaging in activities and behaviours needed to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and (v) ensuring nett gain for nature?

The design and energy efficiency of any development is a matter for Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) and Building Regulation requirements.  Further information is available from the DNPA website at: DNPA website

* Are DCC aware that the local community requests Kenwyn be designated as a greenspace?

No formal request has been received by DCC.