Household Support Fund

* A breakdown of the different mechanisms you have used to distribute the Household Support Fund (HSF) to vulnerable families, e.g. cash, food parcels, vouchers, investment in existing schemes / services such as food banks (these are examples, not an exhaustive list)

We use various support gateways (mostly externals organisations and some internal teams) to deploy the HSF, they would have used a range of methods such as:

Bank Transfers and cash (exceptional circumstances)
Vouchers – free school meal, energy, food and post office vouchers
Voluntary and Community Sector Grant Scheme (so investment in existing and new schemes which use a variety of the above methods
Investment in schemes, such as the Public Health led Healthy Start Food box or the Goodie Box Scheme
Meals via the Holiday Activities & Food Programme

* What amount/proportion of the funds were distributed through each method used?

We do not hold this information.

* Have you evaluated the success or benefits of specific methods used to distribute funds and if so, how did you do so, i.e. what Key Performance Indicators do you set?

No – Our main and required performance indicator is the Management Information returns to the Department for Work and Pensions

* Have you made decisions yet about disbursement tools for current and future grants and, if so, what mechanisms are you planning to use?

Our approach for the current Household Support Fund can be found online at HSF – Devon’s approach